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Health & Wellness Tip:

Telecommuting can create a sense of isolation. If you are feeling socially disconnected, check out UCSF Campus Life Services' resource page for upcoming virtual events you can attend online to connect with others in the UCSF community and beyond:

Why Health & Wellness Matters

The Ergonomics Department supports employees in building healthy lifestyles by establishing programs, practices and resources within the workplace that focus on safety, ergonomics and well-being.  Personal factors such as fitness, stress, sleep, diet, health and safe work practices all have an important impact on injury prevention. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles both work and home to help keep staff and their families safe and well. Please see links below for resources available to UCSF staff and the community: 


Safe and Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is an important part of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and keeping yourself safe from potential contraction. Check out this link to the UCSF Health Enviroment of Care Safety Department website for guidance and resources to properly social distance:

safe and physical distancing


50 Ways to Move More at Work

As technology has become the focal point of many jobs today, particularly the computer workstation, this has led to increased sedentary and prolonged static postures, which can be contributors to increased risk of poor cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal discomfort. Check out the link below to our tip sheet to find out 50 unique ways you can move more while working (*Note some tips may not be applicable at this time of COVID-19 health and safety practices).

50 Tips to move more at work


UCSF Daily Stretches

Stretching before, during, or after your work shift can prepare your body for the physical demands of your job. UCSF offers a “Daily Stretching Exercises” poster that you can use in your office:

Stretching Poster


Online Workout Resources

If you are looking for structured ways to stay physically active, check out the UCSF Campus Life Services link for ways and links for you to stream online workouts to follow along with:

online workouts - campus life services


Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Emotional and psychological health can have just as much impact on our wellbeing as our physical condition. Here is a link to a resource page hub on the UCSF COVID-19 website that can provide you assistance in addressing stress, fear, and anxiety in this time of uncertainty and change to our daily routines:

emotional health and wellbeing resources


Community Resources

The UCSF Department of Medicine has established a webpage to house a frequently updated catalogue of resources for individuals and families. These resources have been combined into one location in hopes that it will decrease the burden of finding much needed information, assistance, and support in the days and weeks ahead with the ongoing COVID-19 response.

covid-19 resources


Resiliency During Challenging (COVID-19) Times

Curated guidance and resource links provided by UCSF Learning & Organization Development (L&OD) for both staff and managers to navigate this time of change and uncertainty.

training resources

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