Requesting an Ergonomic Evaluation

The UCSF Health Ergonomics Program remains available for remote assistance. Follow the steps below to request an ergonomic evaluation: 

  1. Complete the Healthy Working online ergonomic training.
  2. Submit workstation photos to [email protected] (see Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation Instructions for guidance). 
  3. Complete the ergonomic evaluation request form, detailing any workstation or workflow changes and/or concerns. 
  4. An evaluator will contact you within 1 week to schedule the evaluation. ​

UCSF Campus Employees: please visit the Campus Human Factors and Ergonomics team page for assistance -

Complete List of Services

Group Trainings

A weekly telecommuting webinar is now available. The signup link can be found here:

Telecommuting Webinar Signup

Topics include:

  • Proper equipment positioning/key principles
  • Ideal workstations vs realities
  • Incorporating breaks/exercises
  • Healthy work/life balance
  • Available resources

For questions or inquiries about individualized presentation topics, please contact us at [email protected].

Individual Workstation Evaluations

  1. Review the virtual ergonomic evaluation instructions and send workstation photos to [email protected].
  2. Submit an ergonomic evaluation request form.
  3. An evaluator will contact you to schedule the virtual ergonomic evaluation. Methods include by Zoom, FaceTime, or phone call - depending on needs and available technology.

Non-Computer Workstation Users

Non-office (industrial, laboratory, clinical) ergonomic assessments address proper body mechanics, manual material handling tasks, and clinical workspace design.

Ergonomics is available to discuss ergonomic issues and action planning.

Please submit an ergonomic evaluation request form and outline the details of your request.

An evaluator will contact you to discuss the request and provide guidance.

Don't wait to make workstation improvements! 

  • For those now working from home, reference our telecommuting guides when setting up your remote workstation.
  • Remote workers should bring home existing workstation items (mice, keyboards, monitors, and chairs). Contact your supervisor for approval and coordination. Only move items that you can transport safely and securely. 
  • IMPORTANT: Ergonomics fund are not eligible for home office equipment or furniture. Follow links for updates and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Broken equipment? Contact your supervisor to troubleshoot and purchase replacement items. 

If you have further specific questions or inquiries, please email us at [email protected].

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